Alternative Medicine Reiki

The Japanese system of medicine introduced Reiki which acts on the whole body. This therapy helps to overcome stress, anxiety, emotional disturbances, and mental tensions.

Reiki is an alternative medicine that clears energy blockages, boosts the immune system and improves vitality. It’s a traditional and spiritual therapy derived through alternative therapies. It helps in balancing and harmonizing the energy channels thereby promoting inner peace and tranquility.

To practice, this therapy one has to be very concentrated and attentive. This therapy is based on personal development and its a self-treatment practiced by the patient itself. It can also be performed by a reiki master.

What is a Reiki Session

The patient lies down on a flat surface during the entire session with loose garments. The reiki master or the patient itself places his hands on different parts of the body. And he has to focus on each part of the body.

The entire session lasts for about an hour and a half. The reiki master has to spend some time before and after the session so the patient feels comfortable. The patient has to understand what is happening inside him. The reiki master has to talk to the patient so that the patient feels relaxed and confident.

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Benefits of Reiki

Reiki acts on different levels like physical, mental and emotional it’s more like personal development, Improves the life of a person even though he is not sick. This type of treatment is very effective when a person is undergoing lots of stress and anxiety.

Reiki helps to eliminate toxins from the body, reduces the side effects due to medicines, relieves pain, harmonizes the whole body.

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