Bach Flower Remedies and Aromatherapy with essential oils

What is the difference between Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies? We often get confused with Essential Oils and Bach flowers. Do you know that both can be used in combination to treat emotions and stress the route cause of many ailments

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained through distillation and used for therapeutic purposes. These extractions are very highly concentrated and have to be administered very carefully as they contain active chemical compounds.

Floraltherapy makes use of differents floral essences which are not very harmful and can be used parallelly with any other medical treatment. These 38 floral elixirs were developed by Dr.Bach in the 1930s in England. These floral essences help to balance stress, anxiety, and emotions without any side-effects and contraindications. The recommended dosage of these floral elixirs 4 drops of 4 times a day diluted in water for a period of 3 weeks.

The Six Main Bach Flowers to consider

Walnut: It is also known as the flower of change or transition. This flower helps in addressing day to day stress, coping up with urban life and daily running. It helps kids in getting back to their nurseries and adapt themselves to the school environment.

Rockwater: A few drops of Rockwater helps you when you want to be a role model with your kids and spouse. It helps you be less perfectionist and to take life as it comes without being stressed and annoyed.

Hornbeam: Its also known as the flower of charm. It helps in fighting those Monday blues and also to accomplish all our tasks without procrastinating. It helps in tackling things effortlessly with courage, strength and without fear.

Clematis (clematis) also known as the flower of concentration helps if you and your children have trouble concentrating at work and you are lost in thoughts and dreaming all the time. Clematis makes your life easier and bearable.

Elm: It will be useful if you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do. If you have a mountain of things to start for  Elm will help you not to have that feeling of being overwhelmed, and will help you gradually do all that you have to do it smoothly and without stress.

Honeysuckle: The Nostalgia flower. If you are regretting your past and have trouble enjoying your present vacation Honeysuckle helps you in being less nostalgic and to start accepting things without being let down.

How to take his flowers?

 Once you have chosen the right flower or flowers, the most effective way is to get a dropper bottle 30 ml, fill it with distilled water, and add 2 drops of the elixir of your choice. You will take 4 drops 4 times a day for a period of 3 weeks.

And if emotions overwhelm you, anger, sadness, fear, or if all this mixture is too complicated for you, then simply go to a  certified therapist for an appointment where he will make you a personalized bottle. according to your own emotions or those of your children.

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