DIY Toothpaste Using Kaolin Clay

A toothpaste made out of Kaolin Clay and Sodium Bicarbonate. Sodium Bicarbonate helps to whiten the teeth and eliminate bad odor. This toothpaste is preservative-free can be kept for one month.


30 g Sodium Bicarbonate or Calcium Carbonate

15g Coconut OIl

10g Kaolin Clay

20g SCI surfactant

20drops peppermint essential oil

Dust mask to handle SCI



Gently pour the SCI into a bowl ( Ensure safely measures while handling SCI as it is highly volatile. Wear a mask before handling it). Then add kaolin clay and coconut oil.

Place the bowl in a double boiler. Melt it under medium heat. Once the paste is melted from removing it from the double boiler. Mix it gently to form a homogeneous paste.

Now add the essential oils and mix. Place the mixture in a mold and smoothen the surface. Place a wooden stick at the center of the mold. Refrigerate this mixture for one hour.

Alternatively, you can

Store this in a container and use it after 48hours. Before making use of it gently wet the toothbrush surface. Rub it on the toothpaste to coat the toothbrush surface. It’s necessary to dry the mixture after each use. Make separate bars for each person in your family.

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