How To Make Shampoo Bars At Home

Eco-friendly, easy to transport and super economical shampoo bars are easy to fabricate with very few ingredients and suits all hair types. These shampoo bars add radiance and volume to the hair making your hair soft and manageable (

SCI (Sodium cocoyl isethionate) and SCS (Sodium Coco-Sulfate) both are soft tensioactives and gentle surfactants available in powdered and granules form with a Ph value between 5 and 7. Both are natural derivatives of coconut oil and used in the fabrication of shampoos, foam baths, gels, creams, solid shampoo bars, etc.


  • SCI Powder 80g
  • Kokum Butter 50g
  • Castor Oil 20g
  • Rose Hydrolat 30g
  • Kaolin Or Bentonite Clay 20g
  • Bergamot Essential Oil Few Drops
  • Silicone Molds

Method Of Preparation

Mix SCI and  Kokum Butter together. Melt the mixture using a Microwave or a double boiler until completely melted. Add castor oil, Kaolin clay, Rose hydrolat and essential oil to this paste. Mix everything nicely and transfer it to silicone molds. Refrigerate them for 24 hrs before unmoulding. Leave the shampoo bars to dry in clean air for 48 hrs before making use of them.

How To Use Them

Wet your hair and rub the shampoo bars on to your scalp to create lather alternatively you can also wet your hands and rub the shampoo bars between your hands to form lather and apply it to your scalp. Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water.

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