Foods to cleanse the Liver and prevent Fatty Liver Disease

The liver helps in getting rid of toxins from our body. A healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables goes a long way in improving the functioning of the liver. Maintaining a healthy liver is important to get rid of fatty liver disease. When too much fat accumulates in the liver it leads to fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease can be of two types alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition that affects the liver even if a person drinks little or no alcohol.

Factors which can cause fatty liver disease


2.Type 2 diabetes

3. Insomnia



6.High Cholesterol levels

The liver acts as a detoxification center and helps the body in getting rid of toxins through three stages.

Firstly it filters the blood. The blood from the intestines is full of bacteria, antibodies, antigens, etc. The liver helps in cleaning the blood from these toxic substances before it starts circulating to other parts of our body.

Secondly, it breaks down the harmful chemical compounds enzymatically and it neutralizes them. It converts them into simpler forms which are less toxic and harmful than the previous ones.

Thirdly it eliminates all these undesirable components through various channels. Many essential nutrients are needed for these enzymatic processes like vitamin B, magnesium and amino acids. Hence it’s necessary to consume food rich in B vitamins and to supplement it whenever necessary as these processes can create an insufficiency of such vitamins in our body.

Free radicals produced during the first phase are highly toxic and it has to be eliminated or neutralized. Glutathione present in the liver is a powerful antioxidant and helps in the detoxification process. It helps in getting rid of heavy metals, chemicals, bacterias etc present in the system by eliminating them.

Milk thistle and supplements containing glutathione are helpful in getting rid of toxins accumulated in the liver. Too much of the toxins present in the liver can deplete the glutathione levels and produce free radicals in large quantities. Milk thistle contains flavonoids which are capable of replenishing the glutathione levels in the liver.

Consuming large quantities of fruits and vegetable help in improving the functioning of the liver as they contain powerful antioxidants. Minerals such as selenium, zinc and vitamin coenzyme Q10, C and E are also necessary to boost the immune system and increase the self-defensive mechanism of the body.

Black radish extract is found to be very helpful in improving the functioning of the liver as it stimulates the gall bladder and thereby helps in eliminating the waste accumulated in the body.

Foods which help in the cleansing of the liver

Garlic, Avocados, Grapefruit, Honey, Cruciferous vegetables, Beet, Green tea, nuts, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, turmeric, and black radish.

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