Yoga Poses for Thyroid

Does yoga help in treating thyroid problems? What are some of the yoga poses for thyroid? Here are some benefits of practicing yoga for thyroid problems. and also the yoga exercises for thyroid problems.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis may help to improve the functioning of our organs. Yoga activates metabolism and helps to improve the functioning of our digestive, blood system and corrects hormonal imbalances. It improves blood circulation and regulates the production of hormones.

With the increased physical activity there is an increase in the production of endorphins as yoga provides internal massage to the organs thereby stimulating them. It also reduces stress by relaxing and calming the muscles and nerves and aids in better management of pain.

There is also a practice called the yoga of hormones, the hatha yoga, and kundalini yoga with breathing exercises, to rebalance the endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary, and liver in particular).

One of the first things to do is to devote a few moments to physical activity. Practices (yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi …) or physical activities (running, dancing, boxing …) increase the flow of vital energy in the body and stimulates our energy centers ( our 7 chakras ) .

Yoga poses for thyroid

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation promotes the Yin energy of the earth, which strengthens our body and its immune resources. By cultivating relaxation, the mind calms down and finds its place in the body.  Practice meditation 20 minutes a day if possible in the morning, before starting your activities.

Yoga Exercises for Thyroid problems

The yoga exercises which are known to improve the functioning of thyroid glands are Sarvangasana(shoulder stand), Chakrasana(Wheel Pose), , Matsyasana(Fish Pose), Ushtrasana(Camel Pose) and Shishuasana( Child pose). Breathing techniques like Pranayama (Anulom, Vilom), Kapalbhati and particularly Ujjayi pranayama help in restoring the functioning of thyroid glands. Practicing regular yogic breathing with exercises helps to get rid of thyroid problems by stimulating the glands secreting the necessary T3, T4, and TSH hormones.

Yoga Mudras for Thyroid

The human body is made up of seven chakras and it is believed that energy flows through this chakras. Blocked energies in these chakras lead to malfunctioning of our organs thereby leading to diseases or illness. The seven main chakras of our body are Sahasrara (Pineal gland) which is also believed as the third eye, Ajna (pituitary gland), Vishudha (Thyroid gland), Anahat (Thymus gland), Manipur (Adrenal and Pancreas), Swadhisthan (Solax plexus), Mooladhar (reproductive organs).

These chakras balance the five elements of our body and regulate the functioning of all the organs and brain.

Mudras which are very effective in thyroid-related problems are Gyan mudra, Ling mudra, Chakra mudra, Shankh mudra, etc. Practicing these mudras helps in restoring the functioning of thyroid glands. Our body is made up of five elements earth, water, fire, air, and space. These mudras help in balancing these elements and thereby correcting the disorders related to thyroid problems. 

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